Thursday, 29 December 2011

The "best" and the "worst"

Rik's Coffee Thoughts

Random thoughts, mostly about writing, publishing, sailing, God, cats, my life, my loves and whatever happens to run across my mind between the first espresso and the last cup of' before my shower.

Now - if I could only get Captain Hook to bring me my espresso without spilling it, we'd have a good thing going.

I am visiting with my 86 year old mother-in-law and as such, I get to read some of the literary masterpieces that I find laying around her house. This morning I picked one up as I was sitting on the throne - you know - that great literary tome, Readers Digest. It was November 2011 and on page 217, I read: asked its readers to create hysterically rotten excerpts from mystery novels. They didn't disappoint.
  • "The sight of Hobson's crumpled body, a bloody dagger cruelly protuding from his temple, shot a ripple of horror through the tuxedoed throng attending the Bristol Butler's Convention. Who could possibly have done such a thing?"
  •  "It was no surpirse to find her nude body sprawled across the bed, her Halston suit, Prada chemise, and Manolos in a heap on the florr; she'd never be caught dead wearing last season's fashions."
OK - I mostly share this blog with the almost 600 members of the Indie Author Group. So, come on, add a comment with your "best" and or "worst"
Just Rik's morning coffee thoughts ...

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